Decor finds

Second handing is fun for clothes, but it’s even better for home furniture and decor. Pieces you find second handing are, on average, not only much cheaper than new but also much more interesting. My apartment has 15 pieces from the Irvine Valley College Flea Market and about 6 pieces that were handed down to me from my mom & grandma.

Total spent on the following was about $300.

Pier 1 woven grass headboard (free)
2 nightstands $30, $25
3 lamps $20, $50 for 2
stand-up globe $20
coffee table (free)
dining room table (free)
six dining room chairs $20 for 2, $50 for 2, $40 for 2
loveseat (free)
trunk $40
bathroom shelf $10
directors chair (free)
side table (free)


Previous finds

To get myself excited for my year of second handing, I’m posting some of my favorite found pieces from flea markets, vintage, consignment and thrift stores.

Top image: vintage dress from Melrose Trading Post and belt from Wasteland in San Francisco

Bottom image: Christian Louboutins from Crossroads in Pacific Heights, San Francisco