It’s like rehab…

It’s December 30 and my mind keeps wandering back to the year of 2011. A year of amazing ups and very few downs. There was so much love and growth in 2011 for me and I’m very grateful for that. But, my year was still plagued by a deep, dark addiction that I’ve been battling for quite some time.

My name is Shayna and I’m a spendaholic.

I have learned that I could find something to buy in a sewer. Even if I don’t step into a store with the intention of buying, chances are I’ll find an item I really NEED or is just too great of a deal to pass up. I buy for myself, I buy for others, I buy for potential, I buy for rainy days.

So as I another year approaches and my bank account is gasping for air, I have decided it’s time to do something about my problem: I WILL ONLY BUY SECOND HAND IN THE YEAR OF 2012.

Now, I know this seems rash, and trust me, the devil on my shoulder is salivating for the first opportunity to lure me into his trap. BUT… aside from basics/necessities… I know this is totally doable. I think it’s going to even be fun!

Wish me luck…


3 thoughts on “It’s like rehab…

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