Second Hand Sunday: Orange Circle Vintage

70s maxi

A perfect Sunday is almost never without one (or more) of the following:

  1. brunch
  2. a walk or hike
  3. shopping

Yesterday, I went to one of the most perfect spots in OC to have my perfect Sunday- Old Towne Orange. Lauren and I had a ridiculously amazing brunch at Felix’s Continental Cafe (cheap, delicious and gargantuan portions. MMMM.) and followed it up with some second hand browsing.

I found the above 70s maxi dress for $25 at Country Roads Antiques. Country Roads is like many of the antique stores in Old Towne. They rent out stalls to various antique sellers, which is great because they all have different aesthetics and interests. I love this- in one stall you are finding war artifacts, in another, a funky stove from the 60s. Even if you aren’t there to buy, the window shopping is top notch.

I can’t wait to wear this dress with a wide brown belt, some great gold jewelry and wedges. It’ll be the perfect outfit for a perfect Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Second Hand Sunday: Orange Circle Vintage

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