Second Hand Sunday: Costa Mesa Goodwill

After a tip from my friend Tania, I was itching to head to Costa Mesa’s Goodwill. She said the magic words- Theory, DVF, Missoni and Michael Kors. Though it can be difficult, designer duds aren’t impossible to find at thrift stores. But rarely do you hear such an impressive line up, these labels are generally reserved for the consignment spots. Of course I had to see for myself if it was too good to be true.

I headed to Goodwill on 19th Street in Costa Mesa on Sunday afternoon, continuing my tradition of Sunday second handing. It was packed- apparently I wasn’t the only one with this idea. I’m not going to lie, thrifting is my least favorite form of second hand shopping. Yes, you can find some real gems, but it’s never without digging through lots of crap. I have to be in the mood to dig and have the time on my hands, which is why it’s perfect for a Sunday.

Though the designer duds alluded me (minus a Theory jacket that didn’t fit), I did find some gems. First, I found this little red polyester  number for $2.50. Straight out of the ’80s, I loved the asymmetric details, the color and the button placement.

Polyester red top paired with F21 “leather” skirt, Calvin Klein tights and ShoeMint shoes.

I also found this beautiful silk blouse for $5.99 which was “expressly made for Saks Fifth Avenue,” or so said the tag. Like the red top above, it hailed from sometime around my birth and had fatty shoulder pads that I cut out the second I got home. I love this top (I’m actually wearing it at work today) and think there’s a lot I can do with it. To make life a little more fun, I decided to create a full second handed outfit around the blouse. Everything down to the rings.

From top to bottom: Gold necklace, $4 Salvation Army (Melbourne). Silk blouse $5.99, Goodwill (Costa Mesa). 70s costume rings, family find. Gold clutch, $5 Goodwill (Fullerton). Joes Jeans, $40 Buffalo Exchange (Costa Mesa). Christian Louboutins, $189, Crossroads Trading Post (SF)

This next find was something I was REALLY excited about. For as long as I can remember, our family has had the iconic, red “You Are Special Today” plate. Though we often forget to use it, it’s up there in the cabinet and something I remember from my childhood. I found two of these taped together, marked as $2.50 for the pair. These plates retail for $58, so you can imagine how stoked I was to get my own and one to give away for under three buckaroos. Who wants to come over for dinner and feel special?


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