Second Hand Saturday: Vegas Edition

If you had six hours to spend on your own in Vegas, what would you do with it? If you answered take a $30+ RT cab ride to Buffalo Exchange, then we should hang out more often. I could’ve gone and gambled, gone to a spa and gotten a massage, hell, I could’ve gotten one of those giant drinks and walked the strip. But why do any of those things when you can spend the money on something you really love?

After having room service in bed and a luxurious bath with a vodka cran, I turned to good ol’ Yelp to help me find a spot to hit. I really wish I would’ve had a car with me because there were multiple stores I wanted to go to. Fruition, which has a bad ass online store and blog, was definitely on my list but they had three dollar signs and reviews said they had lots of designer stuff- DANGER. Trend Traders looked promising also, but Buffalo hasn’t really ever done me wrong, so I stuck with old faithful. And old faithful did me right, once again.

Let’s start with the fact I spent about 2 hours there. This Buff was big and awesome- lots of designer finds, furs, leather jackets, vintage pieces and shoes. The service was surprisingly good too, which isn’t generally the first thing that comes to mind about second hand stores. I took about 20 items into the dressing room and ended up taking home the following:

J. Brand bootcut jeans, $18!!! WHAT A STEAL. Paired with a cape from American Vintage.

Banana Republic  Martin pants, $15. Perfect fit and great for work. Great quality.

The “mullet” skirt. “Leather” party in the front, poly/cotton business in the back. The Limited,  $18.50

And then, I fell in love. As I was checking out and trying to decide between a few items, I spotted these pups. The Oliver Peoples Tycoon. A major statement and total classic retailing for a cool $325. I’ve always wanted them but could never bring myself to spend that much on specs, but obviously the fashion gods had bigger plans for me. They were a massive score for $85!! I am debating rocking them a la Brad Goreski by pulling the lenses out and making them into real glasses or keeping them as shades. What do you think?

Oliver Peoples Tycoon sunnies, $85

This was definitely not my finest effort in saving money, one of my main goals in writing this blog. In fact, it could be argued that I used my blog as an excuse to splurge a bit, but in the name of fashion, I will pretend that I was just in the spending mood ‘cuz I was in Vegas. I mean, I could’ve blown that in about 20 seconds on the roulette wheel. Like our wise leader Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money where I can see it- hanging in my closet.” Or in this case, on my face.


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