Sharing is Caring: Men’s Edition

I love me a well dressed man. Who says paying attention to what your wear or enjoying fashion and shopping (gasp!) is “girly”? I know of at least 3 males that read or have read this blog, so I figure, hey, they deserve some second hand love too.

My friend Casey is a pretty cool dude- he’s an art director and  prominent bass player that hails from Minneapolis/St.Paul and was actually a big part of my inspiration to start this blog. Casey loves to thrift and always seems to find great things. He’s a creative guy, so he’s definitely got the eye for it, but like me, he also enjoys the thrill of finding something great for a little dough.

Euro layering- so hot right now.

This is a picture Casey posted on Facebook yesterday, which he captioned “euro suit-up.” From head to toe, almost everything is second hand; his coat was $20, sweater $7, shoes $14 and jeans $7. Hat & t-shirt, though new, were steals at $20 and $7 respectively, and the scarf was a gift. The execution of this get-up is spot on from the layering (I’m sure it’s necessary in MSP… brrr) and the accessorizing (love the hat) to the complimentary, natural solids with just a bit of patterning thrown in with the scarf. He looks EXPENSIVE, and the entire outfit cost him $75!

Here are two other looks Casey documented on Facebook while showing off his Movember mustachio progress. He’s rocking another scarf and jacket combo and a great pullover sweater. Again, both looks are second hand but look nothing less than fab. Money may buy you expensive designer goods, but you can’t put a price on style and a good eye. Snaps for Casey, my second handing counterpart.


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