Vintage Obsession: Out of Vogue

Some may consider re-gifting a great way to get rid of an unwanted Christmas gift without spending any coinage, but in the case of second handing, re-gifting takes on a whole new meaning. I mentioned earlier that I was going to try to extend my second handing to gifts, so when posed with my best friends birthday, I thought it was the perfect time to test my skillz. It’s one thing to shop second hand for yourself, but buying for another can always be tough. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so they say, but what about giving trash disguised as a treasurable pressie? In this case, it’s even better.

Looking for something special and unique, I decided to go to Out of Vogue, a vintage shop in Downtown Fullerton that has a ton of great furniture and housewares, most of which are mid-century modern.  A Fullerton vintage staple for more than 15 years, this shop is owned by a great couple that are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They know (and readily tell you) the stories behind the pieces they sell. This is what I love most about buying vintage- everything has had a “life” already.

When I entered the store, I told the owner (who was helping his son with homework- cute!) that I was looking for a gift for my best friend. He asked me to describe her and I said the following: she loves things from decades prior- she probably should’ve grown up in the late 60s/early 70s. She loves primary colors, has simple style but likes funky accessories, often wears her hair in a side braid with a flower or scarf and has a love of flannel. It was as if the gods above were listening because moments later, I found the most fitting present I’ve ever purchased. Behold: Guatemalan folk art dolls from the 1970s.

What I didn’t tell the kind sir behind the counter is that Lauren is also obsessed with all things Spanish speaking (didn’t seem like necessary info), so this gift is even more fitting being from Guatemala. These three little ladies were a doable $32 for the set. Out of Vogue isn’t cheap- let’s be straight about that. The owners are known for paying sellers well for the pieces they carry in their store and for this reason, they are sought after by people looking to sell their modern vintage furniture, guitars, housewares, clothing and accessories.

Out of Vogue has earned an enviable reputation in the vintage world, so much so that costume and set designers from the AMC smash Mad Men venture beyond the Orange Curtain to pick up pieces here. Though you may pay a little more for the things you find at Out of Vogue, it’s money well spent. And hey, you’re still recycling!




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