Second Hand Saturday: Dee-Lux $1 Sale

For a lover of acquiring “stuff” like myself, there are few things better than a $1 sale. The potential gain of a gem far outweighs any financial risks- if you buy a dud (or three), you go without Starbucks for a day. If you happen to find a mint condition Diesel dress, your day is made, your wallet grateful and your closet positively giddy.

Costa Mesa’s Dee-Lux is a great buy, sell, trade spot a la Buffalo Exchange. When I was tipped off that they were having a $1 sale with proceeds going to Save the Children, I wrote it into my planner. IN PEN. Now let’s be clear about $1 sales- they are scary. I was practically trampled at Jet Rag‘s famous “$1 Makes You Holler” Sunday sale, so I was a little wary heading into this one. But it was relatively mild (thank God) and I found 15 pieces to take home. Here are 13 of those:

1. My “Little House on the Prairie” find. What was I thinking? Only appropriate for costumes, and maybe not even then.

2. The J. Crew sweater vest- a total steal at $1!

3. The red romper. When it barely fits the dress form, you know you’re in trouble. Either giving this to the 12 yr old sister or repurposing into a tank.

4. Silence + Noise top that probably sold at Urban for like $38. Suckas- I got it for $1!

5. The Miami muumuu top. A Wet Seal beauty (of course it is), I have a vision of making this music festival worthy. Stay tuned.

6. Blinded by the leopard print (an undying obsession of mine)- I failed to notice this tank a) feels like sand paper and b) has horrifying zebra edging. YUCK.

7. One of my fave finds of the day. Hot pink embroidered vintage top. Love the collar and the detailed sleeve.

8. The Jersey Shore find. Though JWoww might work it better, I think this dress has some potential if styled correctly. IF.

9. Another favorite find of the day. Super comfy and WITH POCKETS, this skirt will be adorable with a basic cotton tee, a belt, sandals and gold jewelry.

10. Another cute skirt, this one straight from the 90s. I envision it paired with a cotton tank and jean jacket- easy, breezy California style.

11. The best find of the day- a Diesel wrap dress in great condition. LOVE it.

12. A vintage top that may be borderline juvenile, but the potential is there. Urban Outfitters would probably sell this for $48, so I’ll give it a try for $1.

13. A dress so 90s I can’t help but sing the Rembrants when I see it. I have named it “The Phoebe.” This find may never see the light of day again.

Some of my finds were wins (Diesel dress, hot pink vintage top, the two skirts) and others were massive flops. Regardless, I walked out of that sale having spent $15 and got at least 5 pieces I will be wearing frequently. Want proof? You got it. I’ll be posting later this week with looks I’ve created with ALL of these pieces- even the duds.

As if a giant arm full of clothing wasn’t enough, I wandered in to Dee-Lux’s actual store to have a gander around. They were offering 20% regularly priced items, so naturally I used that as an excuse. And a damn good excuse it was. I scored a floral peasant top for $8 and the classic wardrobe staple, a Levi’s denim jacket, for $24.

All in all, I spent $47 on 17 articles of recycled clothing. Second hand win? I’d prefer to call it a second hand sweep.


8 thoughts on “Second Hand Saturday: Dee-Lux $1 Sale

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  3. Love the Diesel dress and Levi’s jacket finds!! I’ve been looking for a jean jacket myself, and I refuse to pay the standard $70+. If you can’t find anything to do w/that “Little House on the Prairie” find, you know I’ll gladly take it off your hands! 🙂 Love the post!

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