Coachella is coming! What are you wearing?

As Coachella swiftly approaches- 29 days to be exact!- blogs are all a flutter with discussing fashion’s favorite festival. As a Coachella-goer myself, I have been giving this thought for months, as you may remember from this post. With less than 30 days to go and 3 days to dress for, my second hand hunt is intensifying, as is my excitement. Here are some functional wardrobe tips and tricks to get you in the Coachella shopping mode.

If you think wearing that furry animal hat you stupidly bought is a good idea, think again. It’s HOT at Coachella, so you’re best off leaving that hat at home (or better yet, in the trash).

Hi! I don't belong at Coachella!

Cotton is the fabric of our lives and it’s also the fabric of Coachella. It breathes and it’s comfy, what more do you need? This is a great place to start with your Coachella outfit: jeans shorts and vintage tee. The best part? These are SO easy to find at thrift stores and vintage stores.

Cotton cool: shop this look at

Who wears short shorts? Shorts are the best article of clothing when it comes to Coachella-wear. They’re easy, they’re comfortable, they look cute and most importantly, you can dance all over the place without exposing yourself. Personally, I’m a fan of high waisted shorts and I already have a few in my arsenal for this year’s Coachella attire.

Brooke's shorts were THE pair for Coachella. Plus her crop top & crocheted vest? Perfection.

Rompers & dresses: wear if you dare. A romper may seem to be a great option for coachella attire: it’s easy, comfy and keeps you ready to crowd surf or climb up on some muscular shoulders. Only thing is, Coachella’s ONLY bathrooms are port-a-potties, so every time you need to go, be prepared to get completely naked. Seriously.

Dresses are always fashionable, and being light/airy, they’re a great option for Coachella. BUT… sitting indian-style on the grass WILL happen, and exposed panties weren’t even cool when Paris and Britney rocked them. TIP: wear shorts under your dress if you’re going to wear one.

I wore a romper last year and will probably not be repeating that choice.

Accessories are arguably the most important Coachella necessities  when it comes to fashion AND function. Here’s some must-haves:

  • Hats: Not only do they look cool, they keep you cool. Direct sunlight to the face for 8+ hours is not exactly conducive to a flowing fountain of youth.
  • Fanny packs: I’m not kidding; my neon OC Weekly fanny pack was my best friend at Coachella last year. Though cross-body purses are also handy and the recommended choice as far as purses go, a fanny pack keeps all your valuables and necessities close to your body and hands-free all day.
  • Backpacks: Someone in your group should have a backpack, especially if you aren’t camping onsite, so you can have everything you need.
  • Cheap Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a MUST at Coachella, but nothing you wear/bring should be something you’ll cry over if it gets ruined or lost. So, leave your expensive sunnies at home and spring for a funky, cheap-o pair.
  • Comfy shoes: Yes, those new funky sandals are super cute and in an ideal world, Coachella would be the perfect place to wear them. But guess what? Feet are friends and we need to treat them that way; they deserve support, love and care.  I would highly recommend closed-toe shoes as feet stompers are abundant.

Ready to rock!

So, with that, get shopping! Also, get ready for my pre-Coachella post with all of my outfits entirely built out of second handed finds. What are you going to wear?

p.s. Second Hand Challenge is now on Facebook! Like that shit.


5 thoughts on “Coachella is coming! What are you wearing?

  1. Sure! You can use a pic of me on your blog….. Hehe jk Shaynie! I feel honored to have made it!

    I wore bathingsuit bottoms under my dress! Def the way to go, I’ll be doing it again this year for sure!

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