Website Wednesday: Fruition Las Vegas

What IS shopping? If you spend a day at the mall trying on fabulous designer fashion, but don’t take home a single item, did you still go shopping? If you fill online shopping cart with thousands of dollars of merch only to abandon them in the cloud, did you really shop online? While perusing the internet for today’s Website Wednesday, I couldn’t help but wonder- why spend time looking at something that you never intend to buy? (yes, I just Carrie Bradshaw’d you)

Fruition LV is a site I frequent, but I have never been interested in buying a piece from them. They have incredible photography, super interesting items for sale and a fun perspective on fashion, but I have never once put an item in my cart. Yes, it’s pricey, but for good reason- there’s tons of designer goods to be found, like gobs of Chanel and Gucci.

Lady Gaga would write a song about Fruition, but she wouldn’t write it because she bought six pairs of Chanel earrings, she would write it because Fruition is inspiring. It’s what fashion is all about- taking risks, pushing the creative limit and self-expression. Maybe I will buy something from Fruition one day and maybe I won’t, but I will keep coming back because what I crave even more than great vintage finds is beautiful things to look at.

Archival Pierre Cardin Gold Tone Logo Earrings

Archival Mosaic Stained Jeweled Prism Silk Tee

Archival Aruba Boucle Tweed Blazer

Archival Pop Paisley Infrared Silk Scarf

p.s. Fruition’s main site has some incredible stuff for your consumption as well, like…


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