Boot me up, Scottie!

It’s almost May and I can’t believe I’ve made it almost four whole months without “regular” shopping. There were a lot of haters that doubted my ability to do this, but I have satisfied my needs and cravings with shopping sprees at Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads. Have I saved as much as I thought I would? Hell no. But you know what? I’m saving the Earth, and that’s way better.

I’ve realized a few things about myself in this process, and I’m proud to say they’re pretty good realizations. For one, I don’t miss Forever 21 nearly as much as I thought I would. Another is that this challenge has made me a lot more creatively inspired, which has in turn made me a better dresser (I think). And lastly, I’ve learned I love shoes a lot more than I thought I did. I never fancied myself a shoe freak, but lo and behold, I understand why Coco wrote this song.

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Hug a tree, Kiss a Second Hand Shopper

As most New Years resolutions start out, my pledge to solely shop second hand for 365 days was a selfish attempt at bettering myself. Though the financial benefits to second hand shopping are huge, the environmental impact is arguably much greater. Continue reading

When in Indio…

As a kid, you look anxiously look forward to Santa’s arrival, summer camp and the nights your mom makes breakfast for dinner. As an adult, you look forward to long weekends away filled with behavior you’d prefer Santa not to see.

Ahhh the mid-twenties, a time where spending $800+ (at least) and two vacation days on a music festival in the desert is the only way to hail in spring. Though the weather wasn’t 100% desirable and I had a few tanning/wardrobe malfunctions, I overcame my #firstworldproblems in order to enjoy being young, wild and free. Here are some shots from a truly fabulous weekend.


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Second Hand Challenge Goes to Coachella

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when young music lovers unite in a sea of incredible fashion choices and unrelenting coolness. For an avid people watcher like me, Coachella is a treasure trove. It’s definitely a place to see and be seen; this is your chance to wear the look you never thought you could pull off, the trend you’ve been dying to try and sport as little clothing as humanly possible. So without further adieu, let’s get down to the looks I’ve second handed to accomplish all three.

Outfit number one combines my preference for high-waisted shorts and my undying love of leopard. When I found the little leopard crop top at Buffalo Exchange for $6, I knew it was going to be a cornerstone in my Coachella ensembles. But, as it goes sometimes, that cornerstone ended up being a pain in the ass and this outfit was a struggle to put together. But alas, I think it worked out perfectly. What do you think?

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Let’s play dress up!

Who says that girly girls have to be high maintenance? In my opinion, the staple article of a female’s wardrobe is not only the most feminine piece of clothing, but also the laziest. The dress is hands down the easiest thing to wear, and perhaps that’s why I’ve ended up with more new dresses in the past few weeks than I have anything else.

Though I was supposed to be honing my shopping focus onto Coachella, the past few weeks of secondhand shopping have brought the addition of some fun new dresses (case in point, my Second Hand Saturday on Long Beach’s Retro Row). Maybe it’s the beautiful SoCal weather as of late, but all I want to wear is dresses, dresses all day long.

On a recent trip to Buffalo Exchange in Downtown Fullerton, I was on a specific Coachella shopping mission, but walked away with two dresses and a poncho/kaftan that is essentially a dress. This maxi dress was a whopping $12- how could I say no? It’s the perfect throw on for summer, and how cute is it? Add a jean jacket, some accessories and cute sandals, and bing bang bong- cute city, population 1.

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