Let’s play dress up!

Who says that girly girls have to be high maintenance? In my opinion, the staple article of a female’s wardrobe is not only the most feminine piece of clothing, but also the laziest. The dress is hands down the easiest thing to wear, and perhaps that’s why I’ve ended up with more new dresses in the past few weeks than I have anything else.

Though I was supposed to be honing my shopping focus onto Coachella, the past few weeks of secondhand shopping have brought the addition of some fun new dresses (case in point, my Second Hand Saturday on Long Beach’s Retro Row). Maybe it’s the beautiful SoCal weather as of late, but all I want to wear is dresses, dresses all day long.

On a recent trip to Buffalo Exchange in Downtown Fullerton, I was on a specific Coachella shopping mission, but walked away with two dresses and a poncho/kaftan that is essentially a dress. This maxi dress was a whopping $12- how could I say no? It’s the perfect throw on for summer, and how cute is it? Add a jean jacket, some accessories and cute sandals, and bing bang bong- cute city, population 1.

This vintage find was a must for me. From the boat neck and Americana colors to the pleating on the skirt, I knew this would be a great piece to take home. Though the idea of wearing this polyester piece on the polo fields makes me immediately break into a sweat, it will have a place elsewhere.

The most promising piece I bought from Buffalo in terms of Coachella fashionings was this poncho/kaftan. It was only $12 as opposed to the $58 of the kaftan I featured in this Website Wednesday post. Though my original intentions were to rock this with a high waisted bikini bottom, I think it’ll make it’s appearance on the  polo fields as an evening cover up.

This dress was an awesome find at one of my favorite spots, Crossroads Trading Co. on Fillmore St. in San Francisco. I found my beloved Louboutins at this store, in addition to some other incredible pieces. The Ecoté dress undoubtedly sold for more than $100 at Urban Outfitters, but I threw down a measily $25 bones for it. Equally cute with sandals for a lazy Sunday or heals for a Saturday night out. Perfection.

Though I previously warned against wearing dresses to Coachella, I am withdrawing my statement based on my most recent shopping adventures. Sometimes, you just can’t help what you love. And I, my friends, love me a good frock.


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