Second Hand Challenge Goes to Coachella

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when young music lovers unite in a sea of incredible fashion choices and unrelenting coolness. For an avid people watcher like me, Coachella is a treasure trove. It’s definitely a place to see and be seen; this is your chance to wear the look you never thought you could pull off, the trend you’ve been dying to try and sport as little clothing as humanly possible. So without further adieu, let’s get down to the looks I’ve second handed to accomplish all three.

Outfit number one combines my preference for high-waisted shorts and my undying love of leopard. When I found the little leopard crop top at Buffalo Exchange for $6, I knew it was going to be a cornerstone in my Coachella ensembles. But, as it goes sometimes, that cornerstone ended up being a pain in the ass and this outfit was a struggle to put together. But alas, I think it worked out perfectly. What do you think?

Shorts: American Vintage (Fullerton) $16
Leopard top: Buffalo Exchange (LA) $6
Bathing suit top: Target $15
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange (Santa Monica) $8
Boots, earrings, bracelets: past purchases

The next outfit was the product of inspiration for me. Remember this top from the Dee Lux $1 sale? I envisioned it cropped, with a much bigger opening in the back (there was a small keyhole before), and the ability to tie it at the back. I cut off about 10 inches from the bottom, split it in half and created a tie that went around the waist to the back. I also cut the back completely open, so that the bow at the back would be the finishing note. My mama, the amazing lady that she is, sewed this sucker up for me and made it look ever so fab.

I wore the shorts to Coachella last year, but they were an ugly light denim that seemed to get insanely dirty. The quick, easy and very cheap fix? Rit dye: $2.95 at Michael’s. While at Michael’s, I also picked up some flowers to put in my hair, another vision I had for this years festival. I hot-glued those suckers to little clips and ta da!

Top: Dee Lux (Costa Mesa) $1
Shorts: Previous purchase, Urban Outfitters. Dyed for $2.95
DIY Flower clips:  $3
Fanny pack: Buffalo Exchange (Fullerton) $10

Y’all may remember this dress from my day on Retro Row. Though I previously warned about wearing dresses, I decided that since this one is pretty long, and also pretty effing cute, that it needed to come see Indio with me. The hat was a piece I rocked a few days last year and loved it, so I figure, why mess with a good thing?

Vintage dress: Replay (Long Beach) $28
Boots: Urban Outfitters, prior purchase
Hat: Urban Outfitters, prior purchase
Belt: Michael Kors, prior purchase 

So, there you have it. I think I accomplished the things I aimed to: look cool without trying toooooo hard, be comfortable/weather appropriate and wear pieces that are second handed or that I owned previously. Though the importance I place on what I wear at Coachella is rather high, I’m most looking forward to dancing my face off with my best friends to some of my favorite bands. High ho, high ho, to INDIO we go!


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