When in Indio…

As a kid, you look anxiously look forward to Santa’s arrival, summer camp and the nights your mom makes breakfast for dinner. As an adult, you look forward to long weekends away filled with behavior you’d prefer Santa not to see.

Ahhh the mid-twenties, a time where spending $800+ (at least) and two vacation days on a music festival in the desert is the only way to hail in spring. Though the weather wasn’t 100% desirable and I had a few tanning/wardrobe malfunctions, I overcame my #firstworldproblems in order to enjoy being young, wild and free. Here are some shots from a truly fabulous weekend.


The RV riders crew: me, Rachel, Megs, Max (our fantastic driver) and April. Special photo credit to mizmers for a brilliant vision 🙂

As you can see from the shot below, day one brought a wardrobe change from the planned attire. I made a last minute trip to Buffalo Exchange in search of some warmer articles, and managed to spend $75 on some rather amazing pieces. I bought a great pair of rain boots for $10.50, a gorgeous pair of patent leather Calvin Klein booties for $28.50 (I’ll show you soon!), Trouve “leather” front leggings for $17 and this fun bright top for $16.5o. Knowing I’d need a jacket, leggings and a scarf later, this outfit seemed a better choice than one of the original three.

Bobeau blouse $16.5o, Forever 21 skirt , Xhilaration bikini top, Urban Outfitters boots

Blogger envy: My good friend Rachel, blogger @ Love Fit Life and me. I wonder who’s the fitness blogger? hmmm…

Oh Coachella, how Woodstock of you…


Though day 2 didn’t promise warmer temps, at least we didn’t have the threat of rain and wind. Knowing I’d need to transition from a mild, sunny day to a chilly, breezy night, I wore one of my planned outfits, but brought the leather-front leggings for the evening.

A house on wheels is a thing of pure beauty.
Levi’s Jacket, Karen Walker sunnies (borrowed from Megs)

Look! A roadrunner!

Don’t mind me, fellas.

Let me take a quick moment to introduce Megan (AKA Megs), my amazing friend from Australia who came to visit and experience this fabulous weekend with us. She and another Aussie love who was with us prior to Coachella, Jess, were coworkers of mine when I lived in Melbourne. After 2.5 years, it was as if no time had passed. I’m so lucky t0 have such incredible friends all around the world. Did I mention Megs brought me Aussie vintage pieces? Show you soon!

Megs, the perfect shopping partner (not to mention photographer), gave me a whole new appreciation for sunglasses and lipstick.


Finally! Sunshine all day! I found it rather amusing that last year, people were going in the tents to have a break from the sun, whereas this year, they were looking for warmth. Not on Sunday, thanks be to the Coachella gods.

I was ready to wear my natural high-waisted shorts, but as I pulled them on, the zipper completely fell apart. With limited choices left for bottoms, I chose to rock the skirt again in their place.

Putt, putt, pass.

This weekend was filled with interesting fashion, gorgeous scenery, incredible friends, and of course, really amazing music. Did you actually think I wouldn’t take a second and tell you my favorites? Top fives, in order of greatness: Snoop & Dre (definition of epic), Florence + the Machine, Justice, M83, Martin Solveig and Swedish House Mafia.


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