Boot me up, Scottie!

It’s almost May and I can’t believe I’ve made it almost four whole months without “regular” shopping. There were a lot of haters that doubted my ability to do this, but I have satisfied my needs and cravings with shopping sprees at Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads. Have I saved as much as I thought I would? Hell no. But you know what? I’m saving the Earth, and that’s way better.

I’ve realized a few things about myself in this process, and I’m proud to say they’re pretty good realizations. For one, I don’t miss Forever 21 nearly as much as I thought I would. Another is that this challenge has made me a lot more creatively inspired, which has in turn made me a better dresser (I think). And lastly, I’ve learned I love shoes a lot more than I thought I did. I never fancied myself a shoe freak, but lo and behold, I understand why Coco wrote this song.

It’s been a bit of a struggle shopping for shoes second hand, and I have to be honest with you, I’ve bought a few new pairs. Reasoning being that some shoes are just impossible to find second hand given my time and budget restraints. I have managed to find some awesome shoes, though, and all of them happen to be boots or booties.

From left to right:
Calvin Klein booties, Buffalo Exchange Fullerton $28.00
Christian Louboutin booties, Crossroads Trading Co. Pacific Heights $185
Anne Klein booties, Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica $32.50
Coach riding boots, Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (La Brea) $75
Dolce Vita slouch boots, Crossroads Trading Co. Pacific Heights $40

My Aussie friend and incredible shopping partner, Megs, found these gorgeous patent booties as we shopped for last minute Coachella necessities. She also found the rain boots AND the Anne Klein booties further down in the post. I think they’ll be stunning with a black cocktail dress and some fab jewelry. The suede ankle strap is super sexy and adds some very interesting detail. The heel isn’t my usual 5-inch preference, but I think it’s perfect for the shoe.

At first I looked at these and thought they were too Mom-ish for me, but once I slipped ’em on the hooves, I thought much differently. They’re super slimming on the foot (weird, I know) and also quite comfy. Work staple, here we come.

Now these precious gems were not purchased during Second Hand Challenge, but whatever, I take any chance I can to show them to you. They’re in bad need of some repairs and a re-sole, but they are gorgeous shoes. Purchased at Crossroads on Fillmore St. in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, I dropped more on these babies than I have on any other pair of shoes. But at $185 for Christian Louboutins, I consider them a total steal.

Tip: When shopping at buy/sell/trade joints like Buffalo & Crossroads, make sure to look behind the counter. This is where they keep the nicer items, and where I found my Loubs & my Coach boots. Just because they’re back there doesn’t always mean they’re outrageously priced, just highly coveted.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I have big calves. It’s something I would like to fix about myself, but until they invent a Calf Master, I’m kinda stuck. This has made boot shopping rather difficult at times. When I find a pair that fits, the sale is 95% done, but when the boots end up being cute too, there’s no convincing. Lady luck was on my side when I found these Coach riding boots for an easy peasy $75- a similar pair would retail for at least $300. Even better? They’re already worn in.

These Dolce Vita boots were purchased at the same time as the Louboutins, and have been a wardrobe staple ever since. Please ignore this gross picture of me, but you get the point. They’re amaze.

These rain boots were an unexpected and very welcome surprise before heading off to Coachella. With rain forecasted, I was scared I’d  end up frostbiten and/or toeless. I knew rain boots were my only answer, but I was pretty convinced I wouldn’t find any second hand, no less one day before. Megs to the rescue, yet again. She found these Merona boots for $10!

Merona rain boots, Buffalo Exchange Fullerton $10.50

All of these boots were indeed made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, and one of these days (if you second hand shop), these boots may end up on you.


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