Second Hand Sunday: Long Beach Antique Market

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the weekends with little plans. They provide for endless possibilities. With a wide open calendar on the weekend of April’s Long Beach Antique Market, stars aligned and there was no better way for me to spend my Sunday morning.

If you’ve ever been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market (I haven’t yet- who’s with me?) or any other large scale flea market, you know what these things are all about. They’re a veritable paradise for antique lovers, hobbyists, bargain hunters and decorators. Even if you aren’t one of those, there’s such a variety of stuff that’s bound to make you say, “Oh my god! I remember these!”

I went into my shopping adventure with a list of gifts I needed to buy for people. Though I did check a few off my list, I naturally found more items for myself. Ready to see?

The color of this ceramic swan immediately caught my eye. It definitely borders on kitschy, but I love a good mix of kitsch in decor. A pop of unexpected color and something out of the ordinary adds great character to a room.

Turquoise ceramic swan, $20 bartered to $10

This little box was made in Japan in the 1970s. Though it’s not the best quality and I don’t dig the light wood,  slapping on some violet or turquoise paint on this baby will make it darling. Did I mention it was only $3?

Tile-top wooden box, $3

Those of you that know me well are aware that I was given the best birthday present ever by my loving friends, a Canon T3i. My photog skillz are by no means professional, but it’s become a hobby I really love. What makes it better? A vintage camera strap that makes me just a little more hipster.

Vintage camera strap, $10 bartered to $6

Remember that stupid commercial from awhile back that claimed you can’t buy anything for $1 anymore? Jack in the Box 2 tacos are $.99, Del Taco’s 1 lb. bean & cheese burrito is $.99 and their breakfast burrito is $.79. I could easily live on $3 per day given these. The 99 cent store has turned into a massive business in America, yet that is not of concern to me as I only shop second hand. Thankfully, I can still find dollar deals like this cute little pill box!

Hummingbird pill box, $1

When I found this Rolling Stone: The Photographs book from 1982, I thought it would make an amazing gift. I sat there leafing through amazing Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz shots of Madonna, Boy George, David Bowie, Hunter S. Thompson, Eddie Murphy, Prince, Robin Williams and so many more iconic performers.  The more I looked through it, the more I knew it wasn’t  being given away, this baby is mine.

Rolling Stone coffee table book, $30 bartered to $20

Though I did indulge myself a bit, I wasn’t entirely selfish with my purchases at the Long Beach Antique Market. With Father’s Day and Mother’s Day approaching, I was keeping my eyes peeled for great items to gift the padres. Thankfully, I found the perfect gift for my pops: a Tasmanian Devil gum ball machine. Though this thing is dusty and contains what are most likely the original gum balls, it’s the perfect gift for my dad, who has this frightening character immortalized on his body as a tattoo. Don’t ask.

Tasmanian Devil gum ball machine, $20 bartered to $10

 I love it when you find gifts for people that you weren’t even looking for, but something was just so them you had to get it. That was definitely the case with this next purchase. My friend Brad is the author and creator of Dad’s are the Original Hipsters, a tumblr blog that has done so well he scored himself a book deal. His book recently came out and is the perfect Father’s Day gift for your  awesomely OG dad (buy here on Amazon).

Anyways, when I walked up to the stall, the seller was discussing the war in Afghanistan with another vendor, calling it a “total crock of shit.” I asked him about the photo, and he told me he was the photographer and he had hitch hiked from Sacramento to San Francisco to attend this peace rally in 1971. If there was an original hipster to find in all this vintage paradise, it was this guy. Blue lenses in the glasses- amazing.

The last gift I picked up was for my brother, who currently resides in Santa Cruz. I miss him heaps. I grabbed him this poster of Smoky the Bear, reminding us to prevent forest fires. I found it pretty fitting for Pat, he practically lives in the forest, after all.

My morning at the Long Beach Antique Market was awesome, I will definitely be going back. Flea markets are my favorite way to second hand shop, it’s like diving into a massive pool filled with all sorts of treasures just waiting to be discovered. Check out more pictures on Facebook and don’t forget to like the page!

p.s. Second Hand Challenge has it’s first “real” photo shoot this weekend, wish me luck!


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