Five girls, one (Melbourne) cup

This past weekend’s Kentucky Derby got me thinking about a glorious time I had with four of my closest friends and a cup. The cup I’m referring to is the most famous of Australian horse races,  the Melbourne Cup, and is also known as the “race that stops the nation.” It’s even a national holiday in Oz, allowing everyone the day off to squander their money on horse betting, wear fabulous head gear and get far too intoxicated. Obviously this was something we weren’t about to miss.

While the men painstakingly choose which stallions to blow their wad on, women agonize over what they’re going to put on their head for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Before going to Australia, I’d never even heard the word fascinator, so clearly I was unaware that meant fancy dome piece. In preparation for the races, I turned to a local Melbourne vintage shop to find a getup that was cheap, unique and fashionable.

The dress cost about $40, if memory serves correct, and was an Australian label from the seventies. The hat was a steal at $25- an amazing light pink Kangol with a massive feather and birdcage viel.

I can’t believe it’s been more than three years and a half since we got gussied up and absolutely tanked at the races. The memories from our year in Australia are still fresh in my mind, as are the mental images of the incredible op shops and vintage spots. Looks like a reunion trip is in order. Ladies? We need to do this again…


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