Vintage inspiration: My mom

To say I lucked out in the mom department is a massive understatement. She is not only an amazing mother, but a truly wonderful friend. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s a total hottie and fashion plate to boot. These next few days, I’m paying homage my mama, Gale, by raiding her closet, wearing her duds and sharing with you some of the many things she’s taught me. Today, we’re talking fashion.

Young “Galey Babe” in an outfit she probably crafted herself!

My mom has always been a lover of fashion. She learned to sew at a really young age so she could make her own clothes, and then headed to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) for college. Though she ended up working in retail for Nordstrom for about a decade, she still made clothes at home- she even made her sister’s wedding dress!

Gale on prom night, one of her favorite looks

She’s never been a label whore, nor has she ever spent an excessive amount of money on any pieces in her wardrobe. She has always looked like a million bucks without spending that much, and has taught me the importance of having an eye for a bargain.

For as long as I can remember, she was trendy without being overly so and her wardrobe has been full of timeless basics and great accessories. One of the most important lessons she’s taught me is the importance of balance and proportion in putting an outfit together, while of course, highlighting your assets.

I love this look of hers from a family photo shoot in the late 80’s

I stole this fabulous brown cashmere blazer from Gale’s closet more than a year ago. A Nordstrom purchase of hers from the mid-90’s, this basic wardrobe staple of hers quickly became one of mine.

Images courtesy of Sal Taylor Kydd 

The rich color and beautiful texture make this blazer perfect over jeans or leggings and a basic top, true Gale style. Add some little pops of accessories and ta da! Mom-inspired perfection.

6 thoughts on “Vintage inspiration: My mom

  1. OMG!! Yikes, I’m a little embarrassed, yet totally honored to be thought of as a “fashion inspiration”. You got me, I’ll stay tuned over the next few days. And years. I’ve loved your blogging from Day 1.

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