Wearing the Pants

It’s an unpaid position, the hours are insane, there is no training and very little thanks. If motherhood had an honest job description, it would read something like this. It isn’t a role for the faint of heart, and it never really ends, even when your babies grow up and leave the nest. But sometimes, there are incredible women that make being a mother look easy. And awesome. They are women like my mom.

When I turned 25, my mom said to me, “do you know what I was doing on my 25th birthday? Breastfeeding you.” Though she meant it as a joke (and a gross one- ew), it definitely made me think- this lady has given up a lot to be a mom. Though she may argue this fact, I watch her handle her four kids with ease and control. She definitely wears the pants around here, and we all respect and love her for it.

Putting on her amazing linen striped pants didn’t exactly transform me into an amazing mom she is, but thankfully I’ve listened and watched closely over the years. She’s shown me that being a good mom means being flexible yet firm. She treats us with warmth and kindness, but she doesn’t baby us- “she didn’t raise no sissies!” She doesn’t dote excessively, but she is there whenever we need her. She has perfected the balance.

Being a mom to two babies less than a year and a half apart, TWICE, could not have been a walk in the park. Having two toddlers and two teenagers could not have been without major frustrations. Having two adolescents and two mid-twentysomethings cannot always be a sheer and utter delight. But she has shown me that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You put your big girl pants on, pour a big glass of wine, and know that this is all part of the craziest, most wonderful job in the world: being a mom.


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