Life Lessons, by Mom

photography by Sal Taylor Kydd

First and foremost, happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom, Gale, my step-mom, my grandmothers, my aunts and all of the other incredible mother’s out there that have dedicated their lives to raising awesome offspring.

The past four days have been so fun- I’ve loved looking through old pictures and searching my memory bank to best pay tribute to the woman that means the world to me. Today, I’m wearing my mom’s early 90’s Classiques Entier linen blazer and telling you the life lessons I’ve learned from her.

It hurts to be beautiful
You can’t appreciate the mountains without the valleys
There’s beauty in being alone
Life is about being happy with what you have
“Say a prayer for clear thinking”
Let him come to you
Be a gracious hostess
Always say thank you, and offer to help
Have a sense of humor about love and parenting
Be true to yourself in everything you do
Have a bad day, but pick yourself up by your boot straps- don’t wallow
Hangovers suck
In decor and style, it’s all about the little touches
It doesn’t matter what the gift is if the wrapping looks amazing
Don’t hurry life or love, enjoy the present 


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