Fashion & Friends from a Land Down Under

photography by Sal Taylor Kydd

Friends and fashion. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa, John and Yoko, vegemite and toast. One without the other is pretty awesome, but together, they form a magical duo. When fashion and friends join together in an Aussie-style surprise, life can’t get any better.

You can imagine my shock when not only the anticipated one, but TWO, of my closest Australian friends walked off the plane in LA. Tears were shed, Facebook statuses were updated in all caps, and “I’m so excited” was exclaimed repeatedly. As if it wasn’t enough that they surprised the shit out of me, Megs brought me a gift she knew I’d freak over: some awesome Australian vintage pieces.

This navy blazer is by Australian designer Anthea Crawford, a bit of an Aussie fashion legend based on her longevity. Established in 1975, Anthea used to make the kind of stuff that your mom wore in an Olan Mills photo sesh that is now featured on Awkward Family Photos.

It was mom-fashionable back then, and is still very much designed for that demographic. Anthea makes modest, timeless pieces for classy, timeless ladies. That’s why I love this blazer- it looks great in 1982 or 2012, whether it’s with pencil skirt at work, or a scarf and jeans for a casual Saturday.

Anthea Crawford blazer
Lauren Conrad jeans

Accessory Street scarf (Australian thrift store purchase)
Marc Jacobs purse 

Every day I lived in Australia was a good one; it was one of the best experiences of my life. I lucked out to meet incredible people that not only come to visit me, but bring friends and vintage clothing as a surprise. Lucky as, mate. Lucky as.


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