Wrapped Up in Red

photography by Sal Taylor Kydd

Red silk. There’s a reason Chinese emperors draped themselves in it. To the Chinese, the color red signifies good luck, energy, happiness and wealth. Shit’s luxurious.

You can imagine my excitement when Megs pulled this red silk wrap top by Australian designer Perri Cutten out of her bag and gifted it to me along with her other second hand pressies. I love wrap dresses and tops- they are incredibly flattering and draw attention to all the good spots. I’m not sure what era this top originated from, but that says something big about it- it’s totally timeless.

Vintage wrap top: Pierre Cardin
Maxi skirt: Rory Beca for Forever 21
Platforms: Shoemint

Wrap styles have been popular for quite some time, ever since fashion goddess Diane von Furstenburg invented the iconic wrap dress in 1973. They’ve stayed in style ever since and have built DVF quite the fashion empire. When I was a little teenage Shayna, I promised myself that when I had a big girl job, I’d buy a DVF wrap, but lucky me- I found one at Buffalo Exchange in LA (La Brea) for $30! Now I have an incredible silk wrap top in my closet, to go along with my DVF silk wrap dress. Just like a present, I’m wrapped up and tied with a bow.

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