Sharing is Caring: MoMoMod’s Thrifted Vintage

photos via MoMoMod

There’s nothing I love more than a cheap thrill, especially if it’s in fashion form. When I saw MoMoMod’s amazing thrifted vintage outfit, I was immediately envious- she built an entire outfit out of cheap, vintage, thrifted thrills. Talk about the mother load.

How amazing are those shoes?? THREE. DOLLARS. The dress? $1.33!!! Ridiculous. The belt, also $3. This woman’s outfit (minus the amazing bag, which wasn’t too terrible at $45) cost a total of $7.33. Needless to say, I’m totally inspired to go thrifting today. Thanks for the kick in the thrifting pants, Chandra!

p.s. Second Hand Challenge is now on BlogLovin’! And Twitter! Follow friends 🙂


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