Vintage Vixen: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese in Vintage Dior

Dita Von Teese in vintage Dior, via InStyle

“I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute.” – Dita Von Teese

There are few women on the planet like Ms. Dita Von Teese. Actually, it’s arguable that she’s one of a kind. She’s a walking contradiction- she exudes class and old Hollywood glamour, but she makes her living (and a damn good one, at that) by taking off her clothes.

Dita and I don’t have much in common, but the more I learn about her, the more I like her. She’s from a small town in Michigan, but moved to Orange County as a teen and went to University High School in Irvine, right across the street from my alma mater, UC Irvine. She was a dancer most of her life and frequently goes en pointe during her shows. She doesn’t do burlesque for the men or the money, she does it because she loves the hair, costumes, the dance, the history of showgirls and embracing being a woman.

She is also a  lifelong fan of vintage clothing and heirlooms from eras past.

Dita Von Teese in 1950s sundress

In a 1950’s sundress in Los Angeles

If there was anyone I could go thrifting with for a day, it would be Dita. She frequents the flea markets at the Rosebowl in Pasadena, Long Beach and Santa Monica, and favors items like vintage hats, costume jewelry, glassware and head vases, which have become popular a popular collectible  since she tweeted about them. She has immense knowledge of brands and trends from the Golden-era, and could for sure teach us all a thing or two.

Best part about Dita’s flea market finds? She uses them! “I believe in enjoying them,” she has said. Maybe one of these days, I’ll run into Dita at Long Beach Antique Market or the Rosebowl, and we’ll become best friends and shop flea markets together forever. But until then, I’ll continue admiring this vintage vixen, and employing some of her vintage shopping tips and tricks below.

Dita Von Teese in InStyle February 2011

Dita Von Teese’s vintage pointers, InStyle via Swing Fashionista

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