Rockin’ Rainbow Silk

Photography by Sal Taylor Kydd

The last of the presents that made their way across the Pacific, this hot silk number from Australia’s chain retailer Portman’s is one of those tops that is not totally me, but in a good way. Wearing this see-through number, I feel like quite the rock star/sex kitten. It’s colorful and playful, yet the sheerness makes it totally sexy.

This outfit is entirely second-handed, from my head down to my shoes (minus jewelry and sunnies). The top was one of the three Aussie pieces Megan gifted me from Australia. The denim Levi’s jacket, a classic wardrobe staple, came from Dee Lux in Costa Mesa, and set me back about $30. The leggings, which you may remember from my mom tribute, are from my favorite buy/sell/trade joint, Buffalo Exchange (Fullerton). These leggings, which retailed at Nordstrom for $48, came home with me for only $17.

Also a steal from Buffalo Exchange (Santa Monica) are these Anne Klein booties. A member of my second hand boot arsenal, these are one of my go to shoes for work AND play, and they only cost $32.50. Mix all these second hand finds together, and you’ve got a fully styled, high quality outfit for less than $80. See people, it pays to shop second hand!


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