Second Hand 70’s Style: To the Max

Photography by Sal Taylor Kydd

If I had to choose one piece of clothing to wear for the rest of my life, it would without a doubt be a dress. Fun, easy, flirty, flattering- what more could a girl need? When I found this maxi dress from te 70’s at Country Road Antiques in the Old Towne Orange, I knew it would become one of the pieces in my wardrobe I was most excited about. And for $25, it was a major steal.

I had a vision for it immediately, I wanted to wear it with a wide brown belt and gold accessories. Shortly after I found this dress, I picked up the belt for $12 from my hometown second hand hotspot, Buffalo Exchange (Fullerton). I wear it with everything!

This gold clutch was purchased from another local favorite of mine, Goodwill in Fullerton, about four years ago. It’s slightly damaged, but for $3, who cares? It’s managed to survive Australia, countless Vegas trips and nights on the town, so it’s definitely been well worth it’s cost and then some.

When shopping for second hand goods, keep an open mind and look past the minor flaws. This dress had a hole in the seem, which was an easy fix at the dry cleaner for a few bucks. The clutch has some wrinkling, but it’s in great condition other than that.

Tips: don’t buy something you don’t know how to fix (or get fixed). This is how one becomes a hoarder. Also, think about how much you’d be willing to spend on getting it fixed. If you wouldn’t spend that much on it if that were the marked total, leave it be.

Here’s to the start of summer and the beginning of wearing dresses galore!


7 thoughts on “Second Hand 70’s Style: To the Max

  1. I love that dress so much also the gold clutch. I wish they made gold diaper bags. I bet they do…I’m not even going to google it. I’d be too tempted to buy.

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