What I Wore Wednesday: $1 Outfit

It might sound a little pathetic, but it’s the truth when I say that my favorite part of the day is getting dressed every morning. Playing dress up has always been one of my favorite past times; there’s nothing like a cute outfit to make you walk into your day with your head high, ready to take on the world.

When I opened my closet this morning, this bright pink top called out to me. It said, Shayna, remember that one time you bought me for only a dollar? Of course, you borderline ugly piece of clothing, I sure do. Though I do find this shirt a little obnoxious with it’s embroidery on the chest and sleeves, shoulder ruching, funky neckline and sparkly buttons, these factors also make me love it.

Because this top is cropped pretty short, I had to wear it with something high-waisted. I pulled out my favorite pair of pants, the bottom half to my mom’s incredible Bebe suit from the early 90’s. I wear these tuxedo pants on the regs; they fit like a glove and are super flattering. They even have buttons for suspenders- definitely keeping my eyes peeled for some so I can get really snazzy. Since I got ’em from my mama, they cost me a whopping zero dollars.

From my head to my ankles, today’s second hand outfit cost me one whole American dollar. That is, until my feet. My prized possession, the Christian Louboutin booties I bought at Crossroad’s on Fillmore in San Francisco, were the icing on today’s cake. They are the pair of shoes I’ve spent the most on, but if I could sleep with them on, I would. Sometimes, you just gotta splurge.

p.s. thank you to The Mombot for inspiring me to do today’s post. She’s about ready to give birth any minute & still looks FAB!


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