How to: Sell/Trade Your Stuff

Your closet is full, your wallet is empty; it’s a dilemma many of us are all too familiar with. What’s a girl/guy to do when they need space and money in order to satiate the need for style? You gotta sell your stuff to get more stuff! Recycle, reuse, make money and buy more stuff. That’s how it goes, right?

Before you lug all your crap to the nearest Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co., or your local buy/sell/trade joint, here are some tips to be mindful of before you sell.

  1. Call before you haul. Every store (even within the same company) varies in terms of what they are looking to buy from sellers. Factors like current inventory in the store, cliental preferences and demand, and location of the store all play a part in the buying process.  For example, the Fullerton Buffalo Exchange carries a lot of skate brands and a good amount of vintage, while the Costa Mesa location carries more designer labels.
  2. Be mindful of style, not label.  I used to be surprised/offended when I would go to sell and the buyers would take a Forever 21 top instead of my Diesel top or True Religions. Why would they do such a thing? That shit was expensive. I used to think. But the reality was, no matter how much it cost me, if it wasn’t cool anymore, they didn’t want it either. The buyers are looking for things that will sell, not just sit on the racks and make them look behind on the times.

    Crossroads Trading Co. current women’s buying trends

  3. Fix the owies. Hole in the seam? Not gonna take it. Tag hanging off? Not gonna take it. Frayed hem? Not gonna take it. If you can, fix those little boo-boos! If you can’t, don’t bother trying to sell it.
  4. Don’t be dirty. Wash your clothes before you bring them! Shockingly enough, they don’t have a washer and dryer in that little boutique, so those clothes are going on the floor as is. Deodorant streaks are enough for them to toss your possibly sellable article aside.
  5. Seasons matter! This may sound like a no brainer, but when you’re cleaning out your closet, keep in mind that the buyers aren’t going to take something that’s out of season. Think about it- do you buy for winter in the summer unless it’s majorly on sale? Nope. Same rules apply here!
A few other things:
  • Buy/Sell/Trade joints typically pay 35% cash or 50% trade-in value, so keep that in mind. Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co. allow you to bring your trade-in credit to any of their stores and they don’t expire, so you don’t have to buy that day or even at the same store you sell at. Amazing, eh?
  • If you’re bringing in an item of high value (i.e. designer duds, shoes, accessories), it will most likely get sold on consignment. Instead of getting the 35% cash/50% trade on the spot, the store keeps the item until it sells, and once it does, you come back in for a check of 50% cash. If it doesn’t sell within a certain amount of time (generally about a month), they’ll return your item to you.

If this doesn’t answer all your questions, head over to Crossroads Trading Co.’s handy FAQ section. They’ve got lots of great info and tips. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go clean out my closet.


3 thoughts on “How to: Sell/Trade Your Stuff

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest time; now I know exactly how to approach the whole situation for maximum results!

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