Garage Sale Chic: Decor & Accessories Edition

Garage sales are weird. They give you a glimpse of the seller’s lives and truly, you can deduce a lot of their history from the unloading of past treasures. Since I am an admittedly nosy lady that cites people watching as one of her favorite past times,  I kind of like that garage sales provide a smattering of personal information you can only get by seeing the inside of someone’s home.

Given all that, you can imagine that a whole island of garage sales was a treasure trove of weirdness punctuated by some super cool finds. You already know about the awesome clothing I scored at the Balboa Island garage sale, but now, onto the accessories and home decor.

Vintage soap dispenser, $5

I got overly excited about soap when I saw this cool little pump. I don’t know if it’s intended use is for a soap dispenser, but I don’t know what else it could be, so that’s what I’m going with. This is the kind of piece you’d see at Restoration Hardware or Anthropologie for like $60, and the craziest part is, people would totally buy it.

Vintage camping lantern, $10

I’m all about buying practical things and using them for decor. Why? Because they look cool, duh.  Case in point: this sweet camping lantern. The guy yammered on about being able to use kerosene in it and it still working, but lez be honest, I’m not taking this sucker camping. It’ll reside on a shelf, looking rustic and vintage.

Vintage booze bottle, $2

I love me some booze, and everyone knows I love vintage, so what happens when you combine the two? Mad men chic people. This stellar booze receptacle set me back a whopping two bucks. I fully intend on filling it with Scotch.

Necklaces, $5 for 2

These pretty puppies were a steal at $5 for the pair. I have already worn both and love ’em. A good neck statement always comes in handy. Extra great? The gold necklace goes perfectly with the brown silk dress I scored. I just love it when things like that happen.


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