What I Wore Wednesday: Crossroads Chic

The work day to night out. It’s a common dressing dilemma for us nine to fivers. After work this evening, I’m heading to the Disney California Adventure Park’s Cars Land Premiere Party, so I had to dress for work AND party time. A party in a theme park, no less.

I reached into the depths of my closet and grabbed my trusty Zara halter dress, which set me back $12.50 at Crossroads Trading Co. on Fillmore in San Francisco. To top it off, I added my trusty brown leather belt from Buffalo Exchange, comfy brown Jeffrey Campbell sandals and one of the latest wardrobe additions: a chiffon “shrug.”

I picked up this top at the same Crossroads I got my dress at, the amazing Fillmore St. location that has furnished my wardrobe with some of my favorite second hand pieces, like my Christian Louboutin booties, Dolce Vita boots, Ecoté sundress and many more. It’s about twenty steps from my friend’s apartment, and they know good and well that my visits are in part to see them, but mostly to visit my mecca. Just kidding. Kind of.

My mecca, Crossroads Trading Co., Fillmore St.

This top was marked as $9.50, but also had a 50% off stamp. I realized the reason: it was cut up the front. Some creative prior owner thought it would look good as an open shrug instead of a top, and you know what? I totally agree. Especially since it was less than 5 big ones. I kind of like the frayed edge of the fabric, I think it is interesting and looks deliberate. Tossing on a little top like this over a black dress adds a little bit of fun and flare, and most importantly: personality.

p.s. a giant thank you to all my new Facebook fans! I really appreciate every like, every read of this blog and all your support!


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