Vintage Vixen: Florence Welch

Florence in Shareen Vintage

Florence Welch: the only “aunt Flo” everyone wants in town. If you are wondering why, you have clearly not heard the lady belt out a tune. What’s more? She’s one stylish minx that takes major risks and doesn’t really give a rip what anyone else thinks. Combine all this with her porcelain skin and shock of red hair, and it’s easy to see why she’s become fashion’s latest darling. Though she is often wearing the latest couture, Flo loooooves her some vintage.

Even as a young lass in England, Flo was keen on recycled duds from years of the past. And how fashionista is this- Flo would rush out to spend her hard earned pennies on clothes, not the food it was intended for.

We’d be touring, and each get a tenner (10 pounds, or around $16) as a per diem for food, but of course I never spent it on food. I’d always go to a vintage clothing store and shop for my next stage costume.  (USA Today)

What I love most about Flo’s style though, is the description she gives of it. No need for me to try and explain- I’ll let Flo drop some beautiful lyricism on her style to Billboard Magazine:

Just that sense of romanticism and escapism and the dream of it has always been quite alluring to me, as well as that sense of becoming a character through clothes. Music to me is so internal. It’s physical and it’s emotional. Whereas fashion is so much about the external that it’s almost like a break. It’s not inner turmoil. It’s total escapism. I’m not wrestling with my emotions. It’s a dress… Music can tear me up inside. Whereas fashion is much more emotional because of the way that clothes makes you feel … I think music is so much about the battling out of two sides of yourself and with fashion you can put something on and you feel a certain way.


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