Taking time to reflect

Photography by Caitlin McCarrick

Fashion, just like all forms of creativity, allows us to express ourselves. On any given day, you can be anyone you want to be. Today’s outfit is a far cry from my the 60’s housewife that last graced you with her presence, wearing the top half to this set I got at the Long Beach Antique Market. That outfit, photography and post perfectly embodied how I felt that day: sassy, confident, sexy and empowered.

As such, today’s post tells the story of how I feel: reflective, pensive, and as The Head and the Heart would say, lost in my mind.

As the lyrics in this amazing song express, part of life is taking time to reflect. Thinking about how life is going and where it’s going are essential to moving forward. Your twenties are an interesting time full of changes, challenges and growing. How you lay your bricks and build your bridges in your career,  relationships and every aspect of life contribute to the person you’re going to become.

Second hand and artisan hands: vintage cocktail ring, David Yurman ring, artisan bracelets from Mexico

I’m not sure yet just who I’m going to become, but I know I’m on my way. Today I’m looking backwards in order to move forward, putting me first and having faith that everything will end up as it’s supposed to be.

Vintage skirt (part of a set): $15 at Long Beach Antique Market, Necklace: $10, La Bomba Vintage


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