Closing time: An ode to SoCal

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. – Semisonic, “Closing Time”

Oh, Semisonic, you are so wise. Ever since that song rocked the 90s airwaves, the above line has resonated with me. It was my quote in my senior yearbook (woot, woot Rosary class of ’04!) and it resides on my Facebook profile under quotes to this day. It’s so true, in order to start another chapter of your life, one has to come to an end. Continue reading


My kind of #throwbackthursday

While slackers all over the US look through old photos at work to find the perfect #throwbackthursday image to post on their Instagram, I take new ones. My throwback Thursday comes in the form of vintage accessories, one of the loves of my life. Continue reading

Goodwill Hunting: Thrifting on Fillmore

Photography by Caitlin McCarrick

I have always been a great lover of “stuff” and cheap thrills. As a kid, I would collect or buy things I thought I needed, wanted or had some great idea for, and the cheaper the better. At hotels, I would gather one of every brochure in the lobby so that I could play travel agent later. Though I generally never played, the idea was there, as sparked by said stuff. I would gladly accept gifted chotskies and was greatly satisfied by dollar bin finds. Not much has changed. Continue reading

Buy me! Second Hand Furniture & more for sale

Hi everyone! Update to the first hand announcements made on Friday: I am no longer having a real garage sale due to lack of stuff to sell and lack of desire to wake up at 5am. Instead, I am selling all my stuff online. Here’s what’s up for grabs! All prices are negotiable- please let me know if you’re interested! Continue reading

First hand announcements

It’s the freakin’ weekend, people! Happy Friday. I have a few exciting updates to share with you today.

Second Hand Challenge is having a GARAGE SALE next Saturday, July 14!

Want to help me fund my move to San Francisco or take a little piece of me home to remember me by? Come on down! I’m going to post pictures on the Facebook page next week of some of the things I’m selling to further convince you. Do you have things you want to sell? Join me (shoot me an email).

Mark yo calendars:
SHC Garage Sale
Saturday, July 14
Fullerton, CA
LIKE SHC on Facebook for more info

And now, more exciting news… THIS is happening!

How cute is that logo? Jen Orser Designs is kind of a big deal.

I set up Second Hand Challenge’s Etsy shop, 2ndHandStyle, today! Check it out and let me know what you think. Items will be added over the weekend and will begin selling next week.

Second Hand Style will be dedicated to selling vintage clothing, accessories, decor and housewares that I find in my hunting. I will also be starting to sell on Copious soon, so stay tuned!

American Beauty

Photography by Jennifer Orser

When you hear the phrase classic American beauty, there’s one woman that almost always comes to mind: Marilyn Monroe. The bright blonde bob, sultry stare, full red pout and iconic mole have all been immortalized as the epitome of all-American glamour. The Samantha of times past, Marilyn has remained the embodiment of what men want to be with and what women want to be. Continue reading

Rooftop Patriotism

Photography by Caitlin McCarrick

Standing on the roof of my soon-to-be apartment on a beautiful day in San Francisco, I looked out over the seemingly silent city and felt overwhelming gratitude. This city, so rich in history, culture, architecture, character,  and so many other things, is going to be my home. Continue reading