Rooftop Patriotism

Photography by Caitlin McCarrick

Standing on the roof of my soon-to-be apartment on a beautiful day in San Francisco, I looked out over the seemingly silent city and felt overwhelming gratitude. This city, so rich in history, culture, architecture, character,  and so many other things, is going to be my home.

View from the top: looking down on Fillmore St.

San Francisco, as so many other great American cities, has been built by some truly incredible minds. These brilliant individuals were able to do the amazing things they did largely in part due to the noble values this country was founded upon.

Now, let it be known that I am not at all the kind of girl that is super “America, fuck ya.”  But, I do very much value to rights we have as Americans and the people that made it possible for us to have them. The 4th of July is not about BBQs and beer bongs (though they are lovely additions), it’s about celebrating the freedom we have been lucky enough to inherit as members of this great nation.

Red St. John suede belt, $22, purchased at Crossroads Trading, Fillmore, SF

Forever 21 skirt, St. John belt, Steve Madden shoes, Mossimo t-shirt, Ray Ban sunglasses

Happy Independence Day!


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