Goodwill Hunting: Thrifting on Fillmore

Photography by Caitlin McCarrick

I have always been a great lover of “stuff” and cheap thrills. As a kid, I would collect or buy things I thought I needed, wanted or had some great idea for, and the cheaper the better. At hotels, I would gather one of every brochure in the lobby so that I could play travel agent later. Though I generally never played, the idea was there, as sparked by said stuff. I would gladly accept gifted chotskies and was greatly satisfied by dollar bin finds. Not much has changed.

On top of my love for acquiring things and cheap thrills is the longstanding desire to find buried treasure. Not unlike a pirate or a leprechaun, I’m always on the search for hidden gems, and there’s no better place to hunt for treasure then thrift stores.

Goulet. Daba dee dada dooooooo!

No less than three blocks from my soon-to-be apartment is one of the best thrift staples around, Goodwill. With a few hours to kill on a Saturday afternoon, my gal pal Caitlin and I decided to scope it out. I immediately headed to housewares, clearly focused on my upcoming move. I found three frames for under $5 each and two ceramic bunnies from Japan to give to my mom.

Next, I headed to the records, where I found this little ditty. I couldn’t help but take a mental trip back to high school, where we belted out Will Ferrell’s SNL impersonations of Robert Goulet.

Sigrid Olson jacket: $11 score

Next it was on to clothing. In an area like Pacific Heights, sifting through clothing at thrift stores is well worth your time. It’s a pretty swanky neighborhood, and since demographics determine the types of merchandise on hand at thrift stores, Pac Heights is not a bad place to thrift shop. I found this Sigrid Olson jacket for $11, and though it’s meant for someone twice my age, it will find it’s fountain of youth when paired with cropped skinny jeans, heels and great jewelry.  

I found this silk robe that is undoubtedly from the late 80s/early 90s with it’s loud patterning. I’m all about trying to make ugly cute, so of course I had to pick up this gem for $4.49.

Trying to convey the robe’s potential to Noodle… not sure if she’s buying it.

I also snagged a few great pieces of jewelry, and before I knew it, I picked up 12 items for less than $50. In the land of Shayna Marks, this was the ultimate day of stuff acquisition.


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