My kind of #throwbackthursday

While slackers all over the US look through old photos at work to find the perfect #throwbackthursday image to post on their Instagram, I take new ones. My throwback Thursday comes in the form of vintage accessories, one of the loves of my life.

Today I’m wearing a secondhand scarf, belt and earrings. This scarf was a major steal for $4 at American Vintage. I love the bright floral pattern. IMO, 99% of the time, accessories make the outfit. Without them, my outfit today would be totally vanilla.

This belt is old news on SHC, but it’s a wardrobe staple of mine and I love it. Best $10 ever spent… time to head back to Wasteland SF soon!

These earrings were found on my Goodwill hunting spree. Only $4.50 and oh so cute. My accessories today are what make my outfit cute, and they cost me a total of less than $20. SHC for the #throwbackthursday win, but for good measure, he’s a real #throwbackthursday shot of young fashionista Shayna.

In other news: amazing online vintage shop Ramona West is closing it’s, er, doors, and having a massive clearance sale. Though I’m sad to see it go, 50-70% off rad vintage finds is pretty much the kind of stuff my dreams are made of.

Also, don’t mind me while I toot my own horn for a moment. Check out this big art piece I created to go over my bed in my new room! It’s not totally finished, but when it is, I’m going to do a post on how I created this thing for less than $10! Decorating does not have to be expensive to be awesome (and totally easy)!


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