Second hand bedroom

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to get invited into my bedroom, you’re in luck, because today all it takes is reading this blog. Welcome! I hope you feel right at home.

I have been a fan of home decor since I was an awkward brace face. My mom would drag me to open houses, home decor stores and the like so we could get inspired for any of the various projects she had going on at any given time. I would groan about picking paint colors, but I grew to love the process of decorating.

My move to San Francisco gave me an excuse to plan, get creative and of course, shop second hand. So with no further adieu, I’ll show you around!

Our apartment is pretty much ideal; it boasts an incredible Pacific Heights local and beyond enviable rent price, not to mention high ceilings, stunning architectural details and plenty of cozy space. What’s not ideal: one bathroom for four ladies. With limited real estate in one of the most important rooms in the house, I knew I needed to create a functional space for getting pretty within the confines of my bedroom.

I picked up this stunning desk at the Long Beach Antique Market for 100 bones, and with the addition of a mirror, viola, it’s a vanity/work place/storage space. Just as in fashion, the beauty in decorating always comes with the details. To make this area special, I spray painted the lion pulls on the desk gold, and created an area of interest on the wall by hanging a rack I got at the Irvine Valley College flea market and painted turquoise to match the color scheme of my room.

One decor challenge I had was this wall with beautiful pocket doors that separate my room from April’s room. Though they’re gorgeous, they are very old and solid and therefore cannot really be touched.

Solution: I placed a cubed storage piece with heavy duty fabric drawers from my last apartment in front of the doors, and above it, I created this fun photo feature I found on Pinterest. Using 3M hooks with adhesive backing, I hung lines of twine from each side of the doors. Then I clothes pinned Instagram photos I had developed from the PostalPix app (so awesome!) and various art prints I found on Pinterest and printed. This project cost me a total of about $20.

On top of my storage cubes, I used various pieces I’ve accumulated in my second handing for fashion and function. The dress form was purchased at a second hand boutique in Santa Cruz for $25 and is a great way to  store and display long necklaces and hats. The wooden drawer piece was purchased at a garage sale from $10 and is the perfect jewelry storage solution. The Schlitz tray and glass piece, both purchased at flea markets, are more jewelry storage and display, while the garage sale lantern keeps them all warm.

Ignore my owies- they happened in the move & will be fixed soon!

Framing my bed are more fabulous flea market finds. Both nightstands and the lamps that sit on them, as well as the trunk at the end of my bed, were purchased at the Irvine Valley College flea market. The dark wood nightstand was a massive steal at $20, and provides great additional storage. The other nightstand was also a cheap find at $25. When I bought it, it was painted ivory and distressed, so in order to tie it in with my color scheme, I painted it a minty green and spray painted it’s lion pulls gold a la the desk.

The trunk and lamps were purchased for $40 and $50 (set of 2) respectively, and are definitely some of my favorite flea market scores. More flea market faves- the Cadbury tin ($5) and the turquoise swan ($10) used as accent pieces.

Words to live by

Almost everything in my room was purchased second hand at flea markets and garage sales, and most of the art you see was created by me (more on that later). With a little time, found inspiration and elbow grease, decorating second hand (and on the cheap) is easy. I hope you enjoyed my room!


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