What I wore Wednesday: Funemployed

The best and worst thing about being unemployed is that you are the master of your own devices. Every day, I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want, while wearing whatever I want. I’m happy to report I’ve been working out a lot, but I’m also embarrassed to say  I’ve kept those workout clothes on for the majority of my day, sporting spandex and no makeup as if it was going out of style. But in reality, looking gross is always out of style.

The shining sun and warm demeanor of San Francisco today made me remember that pretty is the new black, so I spent some time in front of the mirror and popped on the dress I had been waiting to wear in SF. As you may remember, this dress is from the Balboa Island garage sale and came home with me for the price of a beer- $5.

In OC, I would’ve paired it with some sandals, but here, there’s still a little nip in the air, so I decided to give it a go with my new taupe Gap booties from Crossroads. These puppies are BRAND NEW- the bottoms of them are totally unscuffed, but apparently, someone felt the need to ditch ’em, which is fine by me because they are mine for $16.50. Not to mention they are the perfect shoe for fall and will be awesome with tights, jeans and leggings alike.

Topped off with a simple and delicate necklace I found at a thrift store in Australia for $3 and ta da! Insta-pretty thanks to some new and favorite second hand finds.


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