Baby It’s Cold Outside: Outside Lands 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to San Francisco, the only place on this side of the equator in which teeth chattering can be heard ’round town in August. Want to get even colder? Head to Golden Gate Park, home to the spectacular Outside Lands Music & Art Festival. From August 10-12, hoards of 20-somethings headed into the park for a variety of rad jams, so naturally, I had to join them.

Once I figure out which bands I must see, the only concerns I have for this type of event is the obvious: what am I going to wear?  As you may remember, Coachella was much of the same, but Outside Lands being in a much different climate and location posed many different dressing dilemmas.

I guess Mark Twain wasn’t joking when he said that whole “SF summer being the coldest winter he’d ever experienced” thing. It’s cold. Like really, really cold. The idiots that ran around practically naked at Coachella look absolutely ridiculous at OL, but you know what else looks ridiculous? When you look like this:

So how do you look fashionable, or even attractive, when trying to stay warm and comfortable? Here are some things I learned and the outfits I put together during this incredible weekend with wonderful friends.

1. LAYER. LAYER. LAYER. Bring sweaters, scarves, mittens, extra socks- whatever really- to layer on once the sun starts to set or fog rolls in.

I love leatha.
Trouvé Leather leggings $16, Buffalo Exchange (Fullerton)
Faux leather jacket, Forever 21, $30

2. Wear comfy shoes! This one is no joke. I made the mistake of trying to look cute Friday and wear 3 inch boots. NOT FUN.

These boots may be cute, but they are not made for excessive walking.
ShoeMint Esther boots, $79.98

3. Stop trying so hard. This isn’t Coachella, people, and I have to wager a guess that most music festivals (aside from EDC and the like) are NOT like Coachella in regards to the dressing. No need for daisy nipple stickers- your boyfriend’s flannel will work out just fine.

Flannel, scarves, cross body purses and Ray Bans: OL staples

4. HAVE FUN! I stress this a lot, but having fun is such a big part of getting dressed. Case in point: my favorite vintage maxi. I wore this vibrant and loud frock on Sunday with a jean jacket and a black wide-brimmed hat- it was the perfect music festival getup. As the night grew cooler, I piled on the layers. By the end of the night,  I definitely looked a little weird, but I was having fun and you know what? FUN is GOOD LOOKING!

Vintage maxi Dress, Alice of California, $25 from Country Road Antiques, Orange.
Vintage belt $15, Buffalo Exchange, Fullerton
Hat, Urban Outfitters, $35

Cooperative purse, Urban Outfitters
Ray Ban Wayfarers

Another important lesson I learned: you don’t need to purchase a new wardrobe for a weekend of fun. Not only does it increase the cost of an already expensive experience, but it’s wasteful. San Francisco is all about being sustainable, so no need for more “new,” especially at a festival that goes out of its way to create the least amount of impact possible on the environment. But, of course, if you do need something, shop second hand! Haven’t you heard? Vintage is the new “new!”

I wish you all could’ve been there to enjoy this amazing weekend with me, but here’s a little taste of one of the most epic experiences of my life: seeing Stevie Wonder live.


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