DIY: Bedroom art

Want to create a fun wall feature without breaking the bank? I did for my new bedroom, and with a little Pin-spiration, some fun paint, a little tape, and less than $20, you too can make a sweet art piece! Follow along, and I’ll teach you how to do it all by yourself.

First, head to your local hardware store and pick up a few things. You’re going to need your “canvas,” which in my case was a 49″ x 24″ piece of thin plywood that I got for under $4 at Home Depot. This project would also work well on an actual canvas, but those are much more expensive, especially in this size.

You’ll also need some paint. In my case, I knew I wanted the colors of my piece to be turquoise, an orange similar to Pantone’s Tangerine Tango (the color of 2012) and a lighter melon orange. I picked up 8 oz. sample sizes, or home decorators samples, of Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint in Peach Mimosa, Island Oasis and Desert Coral, which cost about $3 each. You’ll also need brushes and tape (I used 1″ and 1 1/2″ tape). 

Before you slap on your paint, you’ll need to tape off the sections you want. I wanted to have a strong, bold border, so I measured 3″ around the board and taped inside of that. I wanted to leave the 1 1/2″ taped portion the natural wood color to create a smaller, neutral buffer in between the center section and the boarder.

After I painted the border and the center, I let it dry overnight before removing the blue tape. Now it’s time for the fun part!

Before I started the taping process, I measured out 4″ vertical sections on the board’s center. Then using 1″ masking tape, I taped a border around the edges and down the vertical sections I had measured out. Next, in each vertical section, I measured out 3″ horizontally and alternated my diagonal taping. Make sure you measure each side of your diagonals to make sure they’re even. Tip: use the edge of a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles in your tape before you paint.

Last but not least, I painted over my taped section with the turquoise paint. Be careful to let it dry over night. When it’s dry, rip off the tape and VIOLA! You got yourself an inexpensive yet gorgeous piece of wall art. I attached mine over my bed using 3M’s fabulous Command picture hanging strips– a cheap, damage-free option for hanging art. Easy peasy and CHEAPY!


7 thoughts on “DIY: Bedroom art

  1. Love this idea. I’m always toying with the thought of making art for my apartment especially since I see so many simple pieces in galleries costing an arm and a leg and another arm. I figure I too can splatter paint here and there and call it art, my art. Thanks for this inspiration.

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