Cindy Sherman at SF MOMA

Caitlin McCarrick wearing silk vintage top by Talbots
(Buffalo Exchange, Fullerton, $10)

As soon as I arrived to San Francisco, I was struck by the street banners around the city advertising Cindy Sherman at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. The women in each of them were, to put it plainly, weird.  I didn’t really get it, but I was intrigued.

One of the amazing things about San Francisco is the abundance of cultural activities. To have multiple world-renowned museums at my disposal is exciting and inspiring to say the least. It only made sense for my first museum visit to be at SF MOMA, with my photogirl Caitlin McCarrick.

Photography by Caitlin McCarrick

Caitlin was beyond excited to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit, citing her as one of the biggest sources of inspiration. I felt like a bit of an art idiot- before heading to the exhibit, I didn’t really know who Cindy Sherman was. If you’re like me- here’s SF MOMA’s description of her work and the exhibit:

One of the most influential artists of our time, Cindy Sherman creates provocative photographs that explore wide-ranging issues of identity and representation. Working as her own model, she deftly transforms her appearance using wigs, costumes, makeup, prosthetics, and props to create intriguing tableaux and characters inspired by movies, TV, magazines, and art history.

Variety of Cindy Sherman’s self-portraits at SF

As I explored the many versions of the disguised Cindy, I realized what an incredible social commentary her work provides on many facets of the American life. I went from not getting it at all to feeling totally struck by her work- those weird images on the banners actually embodied life as it was around me.

Another thing that got me hook, line and sinker (as revealed in the audio tour- totally worth the $4, btw): Cindy Sherman bought most of the outfits she used in her shots at thrift stores. I knew I loved this woman.

One more thing I loved: exploring SF MOMA. What a museum. In true Cindy spirit, I got a little funky and wore a vintage 1970’s neon floral housecoat to explore this amazing space.  I’ll be back, that is for damn sure.

Vintage floral housecoat, $5, La Bomba Vintage, Long Beach
Gap leather booties, $16, Crossroads Trading Company, SF (Fillmore)
Belt & Necklace, Forever 21
Hue Leggings


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