Second hand haven: Vintage on Haight

Haight-Ashbury, so cliché, I know. And ya know what? I don’t care. This iconic area of the Upper Haight is the very fabric of San Francisco culture: it has rich history, distinctive architecture, art spilling out into the streets, foodie spots galor and an accepting, open-minded culture.

You know what else it has? So. much. VINTAGE. Continue reading

Second Hand Challenge on BrightSpot Social!


Exciting news this Monday, friends! Second Hand Challenge is now a contributor on Bright Spot Social, a blog and news site about sustainability and clean energy.


My first post is live today- please check it out! If you’re here at SHC because you read the post of BSS, a very warm welcome and please feel free to share comments, questions and recommendations.

Keep calm and second hand on!

– Shayna

What I wore Wednesday: back to work

Ahhh, the working life. Getting back in the swing of things at work has been amazing in so many ways, but I also can’t seem to get ahold of my life in other ways. Like my blogging schedule, keeping in touch with friends and family, and working out, to name a few. But through it all, one thing has remained a constant: my dedication to dressing/shopping/living second hand. Continue reading

Simply Chic in the Marina

Simply Chic: 3038 Fillmore St. @ Union

If this blog had a mission statement, it would read as follows: to prove that shopping second hand is not only eco-friendly and economical, but is also packed with style, fashion and function. You don’t have to buy new clothes and furniture to look like one haute betch, and Simply Chic in the Marina proves just that. This gorgeous store is the Saks of second hand shopping. Continue reading

Best song ever: Thrift Shop

I was working on another post when my dear friend Talia posted this on Second Hand Challenge’s Facebook page. The comment read “Watch this right now!!!!!!!!,” so I did as I was told and was not disappointed. I decided you all needed this on a Monday, so let’s watch this and then thank Talia by reading her blog, Educaskin.

This is f***ing awesome:

Current contemplation: Rocking the layered pixie

Photography by Sal Taylor Kydd

Friends and fans of SHC, I need your help. At the risk of being made fun of more than Miley Cyrus, I am contemplating going shorter.  Inspired by a few fabulous leading ladies with killer fashion sense, stately class and stunning good looks, I just might have to try and join their ranks. Depending on what you think, of course. Continue reading

DIY home decor: Vintage scarf pillows

This post is dedicated to my mom, my tolerant seamstress.

Decorating is a never ending project, and I mean that in a very good way. I am constantly updating my space- putting something special here, changing art there, adding a pop of color anywhere. As you may know, before I moved to San Francisco I put a lot of thought into decorating my bedroom. One of the ideas I was most excited about was sadly not one I could finish before the move: decorative pillows made out of vintage scarves. Continue reading