Simply Chic in the Marina

Simply Chic: 3038 Fillmore St. @ Union

If this blog had a mission statement, it would read as follows: to prove that shopping second hand is not only eco-friendly and economical, but is also packed with style, fashion and function. You don’t have to buy new clothes and furniture to look like one haute betch, and Simply Chic in the Marina proves just that. This gorgeous store is the Saks of second hand shopping.

Window display (photo courtesy Simply Chic)

I walked into this store last weekend and died about a hundred times. A big, cobalt Balenciaga bag struck me as I came through the door, followed by swift hits of all things Chanel and Louis. Hermés peeked out to greet me, while Marc Jacobs sat cool as ever waiting to be noticed. Dorothy, we aren’t in Goodwill anymore.

So fresh and so clean (photo courtesy Simply Chic)

Designer Eyeful


Within seconds, I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to afford anything. Though these gorgeous pieces were no where near their original sticker price, they were still out of my newly employed grasp. That stunning Balenciaga Velo retails for about $1,900, but even with it’s $900 reduction, $1,000 is more than I pay to rest my head for a month. Still, a girl can look. And a girl can most definitely shop the sale rack.

Thankfully, it was my lucky day and Simply Chic was having a massive sale. Selected items were boasting discounts at 30%, 50% and 80% off, so obviously I made it my personal mission to find something to take home. True to shop-a-holic form, I succeeded. I found this super chic Munthe+Simonsen snakeskin embossed pig suede vest, which was originally marked at $85. Marked with an 80% off sticker, I took home a piece that most likely retailed for more than $300 for a measily $17.

Biker chic

Though Simply Chic may be a little out of my price range, I will absolutely be back. I am forever in hope of a sale, but even without that promise, the eye candy in this shop is enough to satisfy my designer cravings.

Speaking of designer eye candy, here are  some of the most beautiful designer accessories you will ever feast your eyes on, courtesy of Simply Chic’s Instagram. I’d give an appendage for even just one of these insane pieces:

From left: Metallic Louboutin loafer pumps, quilted Chanel bag,
patent Valentino bow pumps, Céline Boston tote


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