What I wore Wednesday: back to work

Ahhh, the working life. Getting back in the swing of things at work has been amazing in so many ways, but I also can’t seem to get ahold of my life in other ways. Like my blogging schedule, keeping in touch with friends and family, and working out, to name a few. But through it all, one thing has remained a constant: my dedication to dressing/shopping/living second hand.

Today I wore a vintage dress I found buried in the La Bomba pile sale back in March. This polyester prize, straight out of the seventies, came home with me for less than a drink in these parts: $5. On my feet were a pair of red/brown vintage leather boots I found at Venice boutique Skylark for $40.

The frosting on the cake was a cream jacket I had made for me in Hoi An, Vietnam, that was inspired by a stunning Marc Jacobs trench. Topped off with basic accessories, red lips and vintage-inspired hair styling, this look came together to embody a nod to the retro styles that inspire me on a daily basis.

And that, my friends, is what I wore this Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “What I wore Wednesday: back to work

  1. Looks fab! The whole outfit is gorgeous but I am digging that dress, give me a pussy bow blouse on a top or dress and I’m happy!

    Re work/blogging/life balance, I really know what you mean. I’m busy enough at work at the best of time, add to that a newsroom full of trainees who are being taught 6/8 hours a day on top of my normal work and you can see why most of the time I’m not at work (commuting or at home) I’m asleep!

    • Thanks so much! I love this dress too. Not the best quality but I love the look- so sassy and classy!

      Yes, the work/blog/life balance is a tough one to figure out… but I know I’ll get there. I’ll most likely end up with less sleep 😉

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