Second hand haven: Vintage on Haight

Haight-Ashbury, so cliché, I know. And ya know what? I don’t care. This iconic area of the Upper Haight is the very fabric of San Francisco culture: it has rich history, distinctive architecture, art spilling out into the streets, foodie spots galor and an accepting, open-minded culture.

You know what else it has? So. much. VINTAGE.

A bit overpriced? Maybe. Haphazard curation? Sometimes. Full of gems for the perfect day of browsing? Absolutely.

Though I wasn’t on Haight last weekend to shop, I managed to run into Wasteland before my friends could stop me. The last time I went into this store was during the summer of 2006, when I picked up two of my favorite vintage staples to this day. A black and gold belt that cost $20 and a faux Chanel scarf for $10.

Some six years later, I was still loving the shop at Wasteland:

I didn’t bring anything home with me because I didn’t NEED anything, but I had fun browsing nonetheless. Plus, I was hurried out of the store by my friends to go do this:

Cliché is as cliché does, so I just had to get a piercing during my day on Haight. After all, doesn’t it just complete the look of vintage duds and thick hipster glasses? Just can’t help trying to be a little more SF.


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