Second hand wish list

My love for vintage is definitely not a secret, you probably all know this by now. This year of second handing has made me even more obsessed, so much so that I’ve compiled quite the list of vintage greatness that I would happily accept as a gift from any one of you. My birthday is a little more than a month away (November 11, just in case you were wondering), so keep these things in mind.

Vintage desire number one: a badass Mercedes convertible like this early 80’s 380 SL.  Classic European cars exude a level of coolness and elegance that a modern vehicle could only hope to one day attain, and no one does it better than Mercedes. Though black would be my preference in color, this red beauty would do justttttt fine.

Vintage desire number two: jewelry. Man oh man, if only I had a massive wad of cash to blow on some antique jewels. Specifically Edwardian era gems that come from the early 1900’s, a short period of time that came in between Art Nouveau and Art Deco that’s usually set in platinum and characterized by lace-like designs. Feminine, classy and beautiful.

Platinum and diamond Edwardian ring found at Treasure Island flea market

4.56 carat Edwardian engagement ring

Vintage desire number three: Chanel handbag. Forget some $20,000 nonsense from a current collection, I want the classic shit. The Chanel bag you think of when you think “Chanel bag.” Chain strap. Double CC’s. Totally timeless and chic as hell.

Vintage desire number four: fur collar coat a la this 1970’s Edith Meiser gorgeousness. This collar is faux, but I have no problem rocking real fur as long as it’s vintage. Sorry PETA, but that furry friend would have been a goner for quite some time.

Vintage desire number 5: Hermés scarves. Nothing says upper echelon like Hermes, and their scarves are their trademark. I love vintage scarves like no other, and owning an Hermés beauty would take my collection to the next level.

from eBay, $379

from eBay, $375

And for the record, vintage or not, I’d take these second hand, too:


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