A past life

Photography by Caitlin McCarrick

One of the things that I love about wearing vintage is knowing that my clothes have had a prior life. I like to imagine scenarios for these pieces; for example, my 70’s maxi skirt/crop top outfit belonged to a bare-footed, long-haired blonde that wore daisies in a crown and listened to Jimi Hendrix. My pink linen pencil skirt was owned by a bouffant-bearing, shoulder pad wielding business lady that found time in her days for lunch dates and a nail appointments.

When I get lucky and people give me items from their past, it’s even better, because I know this piece lived a past life on someone I actually know. ‘Tis the case with this saucy Rimini number that my Aunt Cathie gifted me in quite the haul during my August visit to St. Louis. This particular dress was one she purchased for my uncle’s first big office Christmas party in the late 80’s. I remember her back then, or at least I do thanks to pictures. She had (and still has) platinum blonde hair, a bodacious bod and piercing blue eyes. Arm candy to the max.

When I put on this dress (sans 80s-level shoulder pads), I could see why she chose it for what she called “her coming out party.” I felt glamorous, sexy and chic. I felt like the life this dress would have with me was one of dim lounges, strong drinks, lingering glances and what else? Red lipstick.

Dress, Rimini
Vintage faux fur cape, L.R. Fox from Out of Vogue, $35
Shoes, ShoeMint
Clutch, thrifted from Goodwill, $5
Jewelry, Forever 21 and Juicy Couture


8 thoughts on “A past life

  1. One of my favorite things is donating or selling clothing that holds many memoirs but has been outgrown. A particular striped sweater comes to mind it was green and white striped, bought vintage. I wore it the night I meet my first bf at the movie theather in high school. then coincidentally I wore it the night he told me he loved me months later.. Sounds like a great touching story lol but turns out he likes me a lot more then I liked him. Either way both events had a huge impact on my young adult life and donating tht sweater made me felt so good for the next awkward teens adventures!!!

  2. My dearest Shayna you do the dress more justice than I ever could have. I am so blessed to be a part of your life and share little tid bits of mine with you. Love you,
    Aunt Cathie

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