Merry Ugly Christmas!

Christmas Flannel, complete with HO HO HO stitching & embroidered Santas
A steal at $2 at Buffalo Exchange (Fullerton) 

Even if you aren’t an avid second hander like myself, you’ve probably been to a thrift store once or twice to pick up the most cherished second hand item of all: the ugly sweater. So cliche and always out of style, these holiday staples make parties livelier, drunker and a whole hell of a lot more festive.

Second Hand Challenge would be remiss if we didn’t give nod to the article of clothing that makes the holiday season shine a little brighter.

Here’s to health, happiness and second handing this holiday season. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and thank you for being a part of my life this year. Cheers!

Christmas goose sweater: awesomely bad
$6 at Goodwill (Newport Beach) 

IMG_7538Santa’s on the naughty list himself this year.
A fabulous hand-me-down from my Aunt Cathie


An ugly Christmas sweater with DOGS!? It was made for me.
$12 at American Vintage (Fullerton)


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