Its a way of life.


A big giant hello, second handers! Yes, I am still alive. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to do a post in quite some time, but 2013 has gotten off to quite the start.  It’s been nothing short of cray, but whatever, I’m here now and damn it, I’m still second handing.

Since moving to San Francisco, my wardrobe has done quite the 180. Apparently winter exists and my prior Orange County staples of sundresses, tank tops and wedges have now transitioned to sweaters, boots and skinny jeans. Additionally, I have come to realize that a lot of things I own were great for a fashionable blog post, but in reality, they aren’t super wearable. After months of staring into my closet annoyed, I spent my President’s Day afternoon cleaning it out. I then promptly marched to the Fillmore St. Crossroads and off-loaded $150 worth of clothes.

Obviously I couldn’t sell without buying “new” things. Here are two of my purchases, worn today with past second-handed staples of Trouvé leatha leggings and Splendid cowl neck top, making for an entire outfit of second-handed greatness.

Marc Fisher military boots, $37.50

IMG_8549Shae sweater dress/vest, $16.50

Almost two full months after being “allowed” back into normal stores, I have come to realize a few things. For starters, I missed regular shopping. My first trip to Nordstrom in San Francisco was like I stepped into heaven. It smelled SO good, people were friendly and the clothes- they were CLEAN. They were also expensive.

After a year of consciously trying to break my old bad habits and make sustainable new ones, I sincerely cannot shake second hand shopping. I feel guilty shopping in my old retail haunts, and only feel like I can do it on special “treat yo self” occasions. The second hand guilt has overcome me.

One thing I don’t miss: thrifting. I’m sorry, Macklemore, and to the rest of you as well; I know this is probably a bit shocking to read from me given my past thrifting successes. But the reality is that I am tired of sifting through shit. I have always had to be in the mood to dig at thrift stores, but recently, I just can’t hack it in Goodwill. Especially not when I make an ass of myself, as told by the story below.

This past weekend, I was at a thrift store in Santa Cruz that had a large selection of jeans that had been hacked off at the top and a massive piece of elastic had been sewn in for pregnant ladies. Upon discovering the forty plus pairs of these things, I loudly exclaimed “gross, there are so many foul maternity jeans here, sick!” I then hear someone behind me say, “but some people need those…” in a sad voice. VERY pregnant lady. I then proceeded to shove my foot down my throat by telling her “you’re not gross, I just don’t want to be pregnant anytime soon,” and that “pregnant women aren’t ugly, its just the clothes that are.” Face palm.

And with that, I leave you to peruse the internets again. I’ll be back again sooner than this time, second handers. I promise you that.


3 thoughts on “Its a way of life.

  1. Haha don’t even talk to me about maternity jeans they are disgusting!! I have sworn off jeans for the next 9 months, or however long it takes for me to fit into my old jeans again.
    Lol at your foot in mouth moment tho 😉

    • haha Megs when I wrote this I was like shit, I hope Megs doesn’t take offense to it! You are gonna be such a HAWT prego lady! I’m sure some maternity jeans aren’t that bad, but thrift store ones… YIKES.

      Miss you 🙂 xoxo

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