Poppin’ tags: thrifting in the Mission


Ah, life. The second you decide you’re over something or someone, there it goes waltzing back into your life. I gave you many chances, thrifting, and for the past few months, come ups were just not something I was coming by. So I gave up and told you guys last week that I was over thrifting and didn’t miss it.

But then, one magical day this weekend, I was dragged thrifting by my girl Noodle, and a las… I hit the motherload.

IMG_8678Hello, lover. White leather BB Dakota jacket, $20

Apparently God was listening and decided it was time for thrifting and I to be one again, and the second I walked into Community Thrift Store on Mission, I knew things were gonna go well. Did I know I’d chance upon a white leather jacket in fabulous condition minus a little dirt? Hells no. But I did.


Worn today with an entirely second handed outfit, this jacket smells of leatherbound books. It knows it’s a big deal and makes me feel like one too. I paired it with a black cowl neck and skinny gray jeggings, both originally from Zara and both purchased at Crossroads. The boots are Modern Vintage, yet another stellar Crossroads find that have become a wardrobe staple.


IMG_8690And it was a good hair day. Things are looking up. 

So, Macklemore, I catch your drift loud and clear. I will not stop thrifting, I will not stop poppin’ tags and I sure as hell will not stop wearing your grandma’s clothes. Thanks for reminding me that looking incredible is only a few dollars away.


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